An Advent miscellany

Since the summer, for too many reasons to enumerate, my blog posts have gone from fairly regular to rather erratic. Disillusioned, I thought about quitting my virtual soapbox. But a couple of events in December have left me itching to write again. So here’s a bumper džezva of Bosnian-Irish coffee – served in espresso-size doses!


As the short pieces to follow are on various themes, I opted for a seasonal sort of structure. The traditional Advent wreath, with a candle lit at the beginning of each of the four weeks before Christmas, offered a metaphor. While it’s part of Christian culture, the concept of twisting evergreen branches together and creating brightness in winter goes back much further – it’s inclusive.


The colours used in the wreath also lend themselves to interpretation. With three purple candles, a joyful pink in the middle, and a white one at the end, it’s a handy frame for different hues of writing. Even if I’m a little late in starting and things at this time of year are very rushed.

Please click on the links below for a few quick reads… preferably with mince-pies and mulled wine!

1. Happy Xmas (war isn’t over):

2. We’re dreaming of a better Ireland:

3. On a twelfth birthday at Christmas:

4. In the bleak midwinter:


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