Intermezzo (with ice cream)

It’s about a week since I started this blog and it’s been a learning experience! Over the last few days, I’ve had to discover phenomena like ‘widgets’… and figure out how to use them. OK, I’ve never been too technologically adept. Even more daunting, I’ve tiptoed into the world of social media with a link to Twitter – @BIHIrishcoffee. Short and simple? Not entirely. I’m getting my head around the mystery of the hashtag although the @ symbol is a riddle wrapped in a digital enigma. But excuse my pigeon-brained blunders… and please give me a follow! Tips on networking are extremely welcome.


Technical challenges aside, the very concept of blogging was scary. However, while in Bosnia this summer, I was struck by the need to talk about issues and to encourage dialogue. Communication is riskier than silent disengagement, but I feel that it’s essential to share our thoughts. And cyberspace offers an arena for expression and discussion… if you know how to navigate it. On that front, I’m still pretty green! So I’d particularly like to thank all who have found and read my posts to date. I also appreciate your comments and your mentions – hvala puno!

The next pot of Bosnian-Irish coffee will be served at the weekend. Please stop by for a cup and spread the word! My aim is to blog weekly but, with work and kids, the timing may vary (see the ‘About’ section for an idea of my multi-tasking life). Expect diverse themes and tones, from the chilling to the quirky. They’ll be a sample of what, for me, typifies the cultural interface between Ireland and Bosnia. And ripples beyond…

For the moment, though, I’ll leave you with something sweet. Smurf-flavoured ice cream / sladoled od Štrumfa – as seen, and enjoyed, in Sarajevo!

Strumf 2


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